Yachtservice Dienstleistungen in Empuriabrava

Service and maintenance, cleaning, antifouling... we offer a whole range of services to make your boating days more enjoyable!

We are POP Fender dealer !


We do it for you.


We do the mechanics and maintenance of petrol and diesel engines, outboard and inboard.


We clean the hull and the drives, and do the antifouling.


We overhaul your motors and bases at the beginning of the season.


We clean your boat outside and inside. We polish and do plastic refurbishment.

"Sophisticated design, perfect function, fair and first-class production entirely in Germany and Austria, short delivery routes, more environmentally friendly materials - the POP Fender can do all that and more..."
POP Fender

More about POP Fender

The fender for future generations! The idea was born out of a clear necessity: more space on the boat! The ability to quickly and easily stow fenders is pure luxury on the boat.

Compact / Telescopic

POP Fender is a telescoping boat fender for recreational boating. It doesn’t need to be inflated and works like a spring. The purpose of it is to protect against damage to the outer shell of a ship during port maneuvers, as well as when mooring at the quay wall, at jetties or in a parcel (ship to ship).

What makes POP Fender so unique and special?

It is compact, non-toxic & recyclable and does not squeak. You can even choose your own color, streaks and discolorations are easy to remove. It is maintenance-free, easy to care for and can be used under water (for up to 3 days).


POP Fender is delivered in environmentally friendly packaging and the included storage bag can be used for all kinds of purposes.